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Matthieu Jean-Pierre is an actor, singer, and song writer. He was born in Washington, DC, and raised in Maryland. Matthieu discovered his passion for acting when he was cast as "Mushu" in the 6th grade, in the play "Mulan". As parents and children lined up for autographs and shared their excitement, at that moment, Matthieu knew he wanted to be an entertainer.


This life changing experience, which sparked an interest in him to pursue acting and music, was nurtured through extensive training. Matthieu is described as a people person and one who is dedicated and committed to accomplish his goals.


Premiere Video is out on Youtube NOW! "Wassup Kreep x A Bientot"


"love me... -90's music" is releasing soon. Snippets of different songs from the EP will be released on all social platforms.


My latest short film, Night Call, is nominated for an Academy Award after winning the Bermuda International Film Fest!


Played "DeMarcus" on upcoming webseries "Spies in Training"! Check out a few clips from the project on my reel!


Catch me as "Brian" in Season 2 Episode 6 on the Youtube series "First"!

Support my single, Soul Ties ft.FP, on iTunes and Google Play! Please rate it and tell a friend, to tell a friend!

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