• Matthieu Michel

Gambling Our Heart's Desire

How long will we continue this on and off thing It seems we are habitual lovers Like when the seasons change, Times rearrange, We seem to be back together again Good for a few months and then it begins to rain Pour even. And I don't mean in the atmosphere alone I mean our relationship begins to disconnect like the electricity due to the storm Spotty connections until dropped calls begin happening And then all of a sudden We're something shy of friends again The push of a heart or thumbs up with the occasional comment The random Snapchat message chain The ones we don't save as insurance for the just in case Yea that's right The case that he swipes right and sees the heart eyes or flirtatious smiles we've exchanged every few weeks again and again I realize we're terrified The simple deal we agreed upon for age 33 seems like more than just that We consciously stay in touch to be sure that the person that could affect our agreement hasn't arrived We're too scared to suggest we start early on that agreement so that it's a fairytale instead of a last resort And I get it Women are supposed to be pursued and I believe in such a thing But the slightest hint could make a difference of our relationship status So I guess until then, I'll be gone til November Till the time scales back, season change, And I find myself back to you again I can wait a few more years Hopefully we win big cause we're gambling what some would call the most important thing

Gambling Our Hearts Desire

Photo by Michał Parzuchowski

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