• Matthieu Michel

Losing It

She lost it... Well technically she gave it up She obsessed over where we did it, what was the time, and why She just kept saying "lets prove our love to each other" Today I'm convinced I always knew sex was a spiritual thing in a covenant But this is my third person and I'm only 17 Running to or from my next body See Every-time it's their first they're obsessive over the unimportant things And I think It's because they know this isn't the right way See, husband and wife don't need to write down specifics

Because it's a celebration to their commitment It's not based on feeling Or tryna cop a feel when You essentially are stealing From God's building Her temple How simple

But the act makes everything complicated I mean let's face it Now that we did it you're self conscious about your statements Not telling me anything that makes you feel naked Now that I've seen you naked You are more aware of what it is you do Trying to upkeep the way I see you It's true Cause recently I've watched you eat and you seem less comfortable More irritated rather than embarrassed when you're mom pulls out your 8th grade prom photo I can tell So... It's official We stress over our first time more when we're not under His blessing Thinking we can't handle not connecting So we put importance on the action When the most important thing was supposed to be our spirits attaching

Losing it...

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