• Matthieu Michel

Signed by You

How could I fall for a chick like you? As I lay back on my bed I can't find the right answer... I'm just confused You Think I'm overly affectionate Me wanting to be physical Is a problem unless I wanna be physical In a way that connects our spiritual And that brings me to the next point You say I'm way to spiritual I say let's pray together and all of a sudden it's world war 2 And it's also like war tryna talk to you You Strategize the manner in which you'll attack You listen in preparation to clap back And wait! That brings me to another point When are you gonna listen? You talk, I reiterate to ensure what I understood is what you meant But you, huh. Darling you got me bent What I say, you never ask for clarity but you swear you know what I meant And then have the audacity to tell me where I went Wrong? And see with all of this confusion I wanna leave Take a permanent vacation from you cause after dealing with your dirty laundry Anyone else will be a breeze Cause what woman you know doesn't like being treated like a Queen I mean What other woman besides you So yeah you best believe I left All of sudden you know how to speak the language of apology Like I'm sorry Welp, how long did it take for you to see You will never find a guy like me

Signed by You

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