• Matthieu Michel

We Were

We were  Since the moment thou planted thine caterpillars along mine trunk The hairs on the back of it arise Full of passion as mine Hands pull upon your trunk's hanging vines Like a tree of maple one day you'll produce a harvest A sweet repercussion from our shared touches Light strokes that provoke My Pinocchio And I live to be wine with you Aging isn't a topic most are comfortable deconstructing But there's something Locked in knowing that I'm wanting To be with you when your age Should match our grandchildren's test grades Sitting on our porch sipping tea That we mixed with the work from those busy bees Wearing my clarity So that I can see How much you've grown to look like me Or maybe I like you Cause they claim the longer two, Beings are connected, the more they resemble each other My lover So yes We were 

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